Full list of Technical Support Documents

TSD 21: Flexible Methods for Survival Analysis (PDF, 5.7MB)

TSD 20: Multivariate meta-analysis of summary data for combining treatment effects on correlated outcomes and evaluating surrogate endpoints (PDF, 1.2MB)

TSD 19: Partitioned Survival Analysis as a decision modelling tool (PDF, 529KB)

TSD 18: Methods for population-adjusted indirect comparisons in submissions to NICE (PDF, 1.5MB)

TSD 17: The use of observational data to inform estimates of treatment effectiveness in technology appraisal: Methods for comparative individual patient data (PDF, 604KB)

TSD 16: Adjusting survival time estimates in the presence of treatment switching (PDF, 450KB)

TSD 15: Cost-effectiveness modelling using patient-level simulation (PDF, 494KB)

TSD 14: Survival analysis for economic evaluations alongside clinical trials – extrapolation with patient-level data (PDF, 395KB)

TSD 13: Identifying and reviewing evidence to inform the conceptualisation and population of cost-effectiveness models (PDF, 376KB)

TSD 12: The use of health state utility values in decision models (PDF, 164KB)

TSD 11: Alternatives to EQ-5D for generating health state utility values (PDF, 157KB)

TSD 10: The use of mapping methods to estimate health state utility values (PDF, 144KB)

TSD 9: The identification, review and synthesis of health state utility values from the literature (PDF, 304KB)

TSD 8: An introduction to the measurement and valuation of health for NICE submissions (PDF, 136KB)

TSD 7: Evidence synthesis of treatment efficacy in decision making: a reviewer’s checklist (PDF, 147KB)

TSD 6: Embedding evidence synthesis in probabilistic cost effectiveness analysis: software choices (PDF, 122KB)

TSD 5: Evidence synthesis in the baseline natural history model (PDF, 178KB)

TSD 4: Inconsistency in networks of evidence based on randomised controlled trials (PDF, 429KB)

TSD 3: Heterogeneity: subgroups, meta-regression, bias and bias-adjustment (PDF, 492KB)

TSD 2: A general linear modelling framework for pair-wise and network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials (PDF, 1.6MB)

TSD 1: Introduction to evidence synthesis for decision making (PDF, 106KB)