Value of information


The specific objectives of the pilot study were to

  • demonstrate the benefits of using appropriate decision analytic methods and value of information analysis to inform research recommendations

  • establish the feasibility and resource implications of applying these methods in a timely way, to inform NICE

  • identify critical issues and methodological challenges to the use of value of information methods for research recommendations (with particular regard to the new reference case as a suitable basis for this type of analysis)

DSU report

A pilot study of value of information analysis to support research recommendations for NICE (PDF, 1.1MB) (June 2005)

Related publication

A Wailoo, A Sutton, N Cooper, D Turner, K Abrams, A Brennan, K Nicholson (2008) Cost-effectiveness and value of information analyses of neuraminidase inhibitors for the treatment of influenza. Value in Health; Vol 11 (2): 160-171.